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Welcome To Our New Site!

Updated: Jun 6, 2020


Hello and welcome to our fresh new website and the very first blog of Hushpuppy Productions!

We have spent the last few months of lockdown revising new ideas and getting our social media in check and making sure everything is up to date for when life goes back to normal. Before we get into the blog, we just wanted to give a quick introduction into what Hushpuppy is and what we do best. So Hushpuppy is made up of 2 people: Becky Dennis (Producer, Art Director and Co- Director) and Charlie Richards (Director, Camera Operator and Editor). We create promotional videos, music videos, films and we dabble in photography. We see all productions through from start to finish and have had major success with our existing projects such as winners in film festivals and receiving 10k views for one of our music videos that we created. Plus we have also shot and filmed Reading and Leeds Festival 2017 on the BBC Introducing stage. We also recreate makeup looks from previous projects with our Youtube segment “Makeuppy”.

So enough of that. Let’s get into the blog. As this blog is the first one, first of many, we just wanted to explain what you can expect from our blogs. So as we mentioned before we recreate makeup looks from existing projects such as our music videos Space, man and Breezeblocks, our short film Gisette and maybe nearer Halloween a scary look! Once we have posted the latest makeuppy episode online Becky will be writing up what products she used, how she did it and what inspired the look. In no way are we suggesting she is a professional makeup artist but she is self taught and really enjoys doing it, so isn't that what counts!

It won't just be Becky going on about makeup, you can also expect Charlie to be rating cameras, giving his thoughts on camera equipment and any productions or music videos he likes the style of. Anyway that is everything i need to explain in my blog. So welcome and while you’re here check out our website, designed by Charlie, and our projects. Tell people about us! People you like, people you dislike, just any people in general!

We hope you are all well and stay tuned for new blogs to come….

Love from

Hushpuppy Productions x

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