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Hushpuppy Productions started off in 2017 after a local band wanted to work with us in creating a music video. After that success we decided to put our passion for film making and visual arts under a banner which is Hushpuppy Productions, functioning today purely on those very passions. 


We work mainly with local artists specialising in Music Videos and Photography, however we have branched out into various other forms of media from promotional work to short films with our most recent work Gisette going on to win various awards at many festivals across the globe! 


As a two man team, We put our strengths to the test doing what we are both best at, whether that be story-boarding visual projects, or creating the makeup that would be shown on screen; or even writing up the very detailed logistical lists that need to be put in place before a shoot has even started! We perform all those duties as professionally as we can, and at times have collaborated with other people with specific strengths to bring projects to life!

Both graduating from Solent with a degree in Film and Television, we are both highly trained and capable personnel that are strongly camera oriented, with experience in a range of formats and styles. No goal is out of reach, and we will always try our hardest to achieve the absolute potential of each production! 





Becky is Hushpuppy’s Producer, Art Director  and Co-Director. She first became interested in filmmaking when she was 12 years old and used to film and edit videos of her friends horse riding. However with her organisation skills she is capable of producing any project. Her favourite genre of film is Horror and favourite film being Nightmare on Elm Street 1984.


Becky is in charge of all the necessary paperwork that is essential with any project. She has a background in digital marketing where she developed digital campaigns for small businesses, with one campaign raising £2095 for charity. So therefore she creates all of Hushpuppy’s social media posts! 


As well as sorting logistics and coordinating productions, she also creates all costumes and props, including designing and building the sets. Becky has also created a segment on YouTube called “Makeuppy” where she recreates makeup looks for all of Hushpuppy’s previous projects. She first learnt how to do film makeup with Hushpuppy’s first production Space, man. Creating “Wes the Alien”. She also oversees projects from start to finish, whilst keeping in good contact with our clients. 

Charlie is Hushpuppy's Director, Editor and overall camera man. With a photographic background, Charlie has many years of experience shooting with various different cameras and formats; and does so as a hobby in his free time. He often finds music to be his biggest inspiration for many projects. 

Charlie has spent the last 5 years taking photographs and filming many bands around Eastbourne, Brighton and Hastings. He started shooting at the age of 16 after his parents bought him a DSLR as a birthday present, and since then has attended various festivals as a photographer, had work published within Fieldsports Magazine and Kotaku, as well as winning a "Young Photographer of the Year" award in 2016.

Since producing his first music video back in 2016, Charlie found a way to mix both his passions for Visual arts and Music by working with local bands to create their music videos. Thus leading to a brand new door opening for the world of Film Making. Within Hushpuppy, He works with all manner of camera equipment, and is often there until the very end editing. 





From shooting music videos to photographing product stills for a wardrobe company, we enjoy the versatility of working on all sorts of projects! Based in East Sussex amongst a thriving music scene from Hastings to Brighton, we particularly enjoy working with musicians bringing their music to a visual form; collaborating with them on their ideas or giving our own spin. With a increasingly media-orientated world, its hard to outline exactly the work we do, as it is constantly evolving, and many clients are looking for niche publishing material, below you can see a little more in detail what we get up to! 

- High Quality Music Videos 

- Promotional Material for Brands, Bands or Businesses 

- Documentary work for a broad range of subjects. 

- Hi-Res Photography for Print and Social Media use


However we don't want to be pigeon holed to one aspect of work, so don't hesitate to email us with any queries on upcoming work you'd like us to fulfil! 

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