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Hushpuppy Productions has worked on many short films in the past few years, including Gisette which has gone on to win multiple awards at film festivals around the world. We are constantly keeping ideas and working on them as much as we can when we aren't busy, writing scripts as well as thinking about visual styles, this allows us to always have a project on the go all the time! 


"In the height of World War 2, a wounded German soldier flees an ambush only to find himself being reluctantly cared for by a mysterious French woman. As he recovers, the two develop an uneasy bond until he discovers her injured husband upstairs, which puts them both in danger when the German army arrives."


Director - Calum Mathews

Producer - Becky Dennis

Writer - Liam Calvert

Art Director - Kheamah Powell

Director of Photography - Brandon ODonovan

Camera Operator - Charlie Richards

Sound Designer - Aarif Chumber-Ali

Editor - Matt Liechti

Co Editor - Charlie Richards

First AC - Josh Barrett

Second AC - Marta Kalnina

Grip - Evan Davies

Gaffer - Joe Potts

Spark - Cameron Niblock

Sound Recordist - Dolph Minton

Production Designer - Hamish MacLeod

Costume Director - Jean Arthur

Make-Up Artist - Sasha Westlake

Special Effects Make Up - Lucy Murphy-Ackroyd

First AD - Becky Dennis

Executive Producer - Liam Calvert



Friedrich - Daniel Anderson

Gisette - Léa des Garets

Officer - Markus Pietsch

Claude - Wayne Reddin


Hushpuppy Productions in Association with History in the Making


My Little Eye

MLE-Poster-3 (1).jpg


Director/Writer/Editor - Owen Wood 

Producer/Costume/Set Design - Becky Dennis

DoP/Sound - Charlie Richards

Camera Operator/Editor/Grading - Jack Redgate



Mum - Jessica Bean 

Alice - Victoria Ridley 

Man- Andrew Callaghan 

Broken down, alone and bored, Alice and her mother play a game of I Spy to pass the time as they wait for a recovery vehicle. The harmless game soon turns into something more alarming as Alice, 4, spots a figure standing in the distance staring back at her.

Hushpuppy Productions in Association with Creativepilot and Redgate Productions 

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