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Music Videos are our speciality, we are always snowballing ideas for videos and keeping attention to trends in the world of music. In a world where social media has become the platform for young musicians to reach a greater audience than they could 15 years ago, the need for professional high quality music videos has increased, and we are there to fulfil the wishes of musicians from all walks of life to transform their art to the visual medium 

Inspired by the success of DIY Artists Alice and Ryan Baxley, who directed FIDLAR's many music videos; We strive to perform in the same way, working alongside the bands and musicians to bring their music to the eyes of their fans. Below is a look at the various different projects we have worked on. 


Charlie Richards - Director, Cinematographer and Editor

Becky Dennis - Producer, Writer, Makeup and Costume

Conrad Leonard​ - Co Editior, Camera Supervisor, Special FX

Tara Bracken​ - Set Photography, Actor

Calum Matthews​ - Lighting, Camera Assistant

Liam Calvert​ - Lighting, Camera Assistant

Matt Liechti​ - Camera Assistant

On the tight budget of only £10, and the cunning plan of our producer to steal cardboard boxes from skips, Alibi's Space, Man was Hushpuppy's first production. 

We were contacted by the band to work on a music video for them to go alongside their appearance on BBC Radio 1's "Introducing the South", The music video was released with over 10k Views on Youtube, and Many more on Facebook! 

The story was short and sweet, with a narrative involving a studio technician running late to a shoot, with the band in frame cutting between being in a green screen studio which was suppose to replicate "space". Heavily inspired by the DIY music video of FIDLAR's "40z On Repeat"  


While not working with the actual band - Alt J, we created this music video as a fan project for a university assessment which we feel we are immensely proud of. 

We battled against the ruthless winter months within the cold, yet beautiful New Forrest shooting this short narrative tale about a girl fighting against her childhood innocence, with little stuffed toys trying to kill her throughout. 

On the bright side however, We got to use Blackmagic's stunning Ursa Mini 4K for this one, which was an absolute joy to shoot with! 

Aarif Chumber Ali - Director, Script

Becky Dennis - Producer, Script, Makeup and Costume

Charlie Richards - Cinematographer and Editor 

Elliot SearsCo-Editor 

Dolph Minton​ - Assistant

Jessica Bean​ - Actor




Charlie Richards - Director, Camera, Editor, Producer

Keiron Neen Kellet - Assistant

Alibi's First and, slightly dated music video from 2016! 

This video took only a few hours to shoot but many hours to edit as we got to grips learning new editing software. Shot on a Canon 6D it features the band walking along Bexhill Seafront, miming their signature tune at the time. 


We have worked on many music videos that have been published or have been lost to the massive universe of the internet, here is a list of the productions we have done involving music! 


Alibi - Animal Zone EP Release

Alt J - Breezeblocks (Fan Made) 



Alibi - Live at Reading 

Alibi - Space, Man

Alibi - Mister Mister (Mayfest) 


Alibi - Fly Away 

Alibi - Everybody Thinks Im Lonely 

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