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MUSIC VIDEOS | Spring King - Rectifier

Drummers always seem to get the short end of the stick when it comes to music videos, from Ringo looking on without expression in Paperback Writer to Steve Copeland bashing tables and chairs in Message in Bottle; they all seem to be overshadowed by their guitar welding band mates. It might be something to do with how loud their equipment is, or possibly how much of a ball ache it is to carry around?

Spring King released their first album Tell Me If You Like To back in 2016. With it bought the single Rectifier, a pretty energetic piece dominated by Tarek Musa; the bands drummer and vocalist. Its pretty rare to find an indie band with such a lineup, which all the while makes Rectifier even more enjoyable.

Their music video, directed by Jack Whiteley is a passionate visual piece depicting the drummer throughout. Seemingly inspired by Arctic Monkeys A View From The Weekend, the video features Tarek walking into a downtrodden room, sitting at his kit; and thus the music begins. The camera spins around the drummer in a hypnotic fashion, bringing his progress through different stages, from a recording studio to a live audience. While a simple idea, the video mix emphasises on the lively theme of practice/recording/playing live which is especially highlighted later on with the gig scene awash with bright flickering lights and shots of the band members releasing their built up energy.

When I first saw the video, I was blown away by the style and especially captivated by the brilliant depiction of a drummer going through the stages of playing a song, watching Tarek destroying the drums with such cathartic release is enough to motivate anyone. Just a heads up though, if you are a drummer and crave more screen time, just sing.

By Charlie Richards

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